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Cannabis & Hemp are becoming a big business within the United States and the West in all, as more states legalize its cultivation for recreational purposes. The size of the cannabis consumption market is continuously increasing.

Being a water-intensive crop, it uses more water in comparison to other plants. However, what’s interesting is that when compared with other plants, cannabis is far more often grown in a controlled environment. Cultivating cannabis and hemp in a controlled-environment can greatly reduce water wastage and wastage of other agricultural resources.

Water-efficient indoor cultivation equipment is widely available for use these days. Many consultants also help growers manage their resource consumption and expenses.

Kona Blue Plantations
Kona Blue Plantations

Solutions That Can Benefit Agricultural and Cannabis & Hemp Industry

When cultivated openly, cannabis supports a diverse fauna of insects and other arthropods. These can be both harmful and beneficial for other crops surrounding the plantation. Other than this, numerous pathogens could have agricultural impacts depending on various geographical and environmental factors.

As a cannabis consulting company, Kona Blue Plantations finds it an important responsibility to work on solutions that can benefit both the agricultural and the cannabis  & hemp industries.

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