Cannabis & Hemp Business Opportunities and Advice

Medical cannabis & hemp today are two of the most booming industries across America and worldwide. As more and more states legalize the use of medical cannabis and hemp, business opportunities keep increasing.

Safe and Reliable Products and Services

At Kona Blue Plantations, we intend to help your cannabis and hemp dispensary achieve its goals of providing patients and consumers with safe and reliable products and services. From choosing the right location to marketing strategies, our experienced consulting staff is here to help your dispensary be successful. 

We carefully analyze and review the feasibility of your dispensary based upon the local area and the corresponding legal regulations. From the benefits of medical cannabis & hemp to the pros and cons of its usage, we give you comprehensive information that can help you review your options.

Kona Blue Plantations
Kona Blue Plantations

We Can Help You

When it comes to setting up a medical cannabis and hemp dispensary, Kona Blue Plantations can help you with:

  • Initial dispensary review
  • Business location advice
  • State and local regulatory compliance
  • Safe packaging and production of cannabis products
  • Brand-building

Your cannabis and hemp dispensary is created with the patients’ satisfaction in mind. We are here to make sure your medical business is adhering to state and local regulation business should comply with all state and local regulations. Kona Plantations is here to help your brand rise to the top.

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