Hemp/Cannabis Medical Success Stories

Please share your success stories with us. Remember we will need verification from your medical team before we can publish.



Suffering from Lyme disease, exhausting his medical benefits, as well as his search for a doctor who could even evaluate the situation properly. He is now on a CBD regimen, he is showing marked signs of improvement and improved quality of life. He now has time with his three year old son. He is on an extended case study -- we will keep you posted. 



A Vietnam Veteran, suffering from PTSD, as well as night sweats and nightmares, he could not sleep for more than two hours at a time. Now with the treatment we have him on, he is reporting better sleep quality and less effects of the PTSD.



A patient with prostate cancer, while going thru radiation the first time, he lost 20 pounds. On his second round of radiation, he started using a special blend of Cannabis oil, and is reporting reduced side effects from the radiation and improved appetite as well as gaining back the 20 pounds. He is also reporting improved sleep quality as well as an improved appetite.