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Find out how Kona Blue Plantation can help you with legal compliance.

When you begin your cannabis and hemp business we have found that the most profitable companies retain the services of industry experts to insure their success. This ever changing and expanding industry has multiple vertical markets from farming to production of quality hemp products for wholesale, retail and medicinal sales.

From cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution to licensing for cannabis business and dispensaries, Kona Blue Plantations offers everything you require to set up a lucrative cannabis business.

As more and more states create laws allowing businesses to produce and sell cannabis products legally, the cannabis industry is expanding at a rapid rate. Our in-house lawyers provide services that take care of all the legal and licensing compliance that is needed for your cannabis business based on the state in which you are looking to operate.

Kona Blue Plantations
Kona Blue Plantations

Latest Information on Legal Compliance

KBP Law Group is a full-spectrum law firm focused on assisting growers, distributors, processors and retailers of cannabis and hemp-derived CBD products to navigate the evolving cannabis and hemp laws. Our business lawyers handle all aspects of cannabis and hemp business formation, contracts and real estate, while our defense specialists fiercely defend the rights of our cannabis and hemp clients in both civil and criminal litigation matters.

The KBP lawyers have been providing legal counsel to the cannabis and hemp industry since 2015, with a combined 10 years of experience.

Since 2015 our in-house lawyers have helped their clients to apply for licensing, grow their business as well as assisted with local, state and federal regulatory compliance for all of their business endeavors.

Cannabis and hemp laws differ from state to state, and each state’s licensing process is different. It is always beneficial to understand the standard requirements in the licensing process. The legal consultants at KBP make sure you that both you and your cannabis & hemp business are abreast with all the latest information on legal compliance.

The attorneys at KBP Law Group support farmers, new businesses and investors in the cannabis & hemp and CBD industry by helping apply for licensing and drafting corporate agreements, commercial leases and financing documents. In such a highly regulated industry, our firm will help clients understand the cannabis and hemp laws and regulations.

The Farm Bill, which passed on December 13th, 2018, removed hemp, hemp’s derivatives, extract, and cannabinoids derived from hemp from the Controlled Substances Act. Under the new Farm Bill, hemp would be treated as an agricultural commodity on the federal level. However, the legal status of hemp and CBD products is still anything but simple and straightforward. It is vitally important to speak to a knowledgeable attorney to understand the risks and be prepared to take the proper steps to maintain legal compliance with hemp laws before taking ANY action in the hemp industry.

Whether you want to grow industrial hemp, are curious about CBD processing and retail, or want to learn more about the rapidly expanding non-THC cannabinoid industry, the KBP Law group is here to offer insight, guidance, and legal services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can learn more about your business plans and determine the best path forward!

For existing members looking to explore and expand into Medical Cannabis or Cannabidiol product lines, we offer legal services at a discount rate.


● Legal, tax and investment projects for the cannabis & hemp industry

● Advice on drawing up projects, technical dossiers and operational plans

● Advice and analysis for obtaining permits and licenses

● Advice and management for enabling crops, industrial plants, warehouses, processing plants

● Consulting and management for import and export

● Product registration medical, veterinary, agricultural and food before competent authorities

● Technological surveillance, protection of plant varieties

● Analysis of operating freedom, products and key competitors

● General agricultural requirements (cultivation engineering, soil cultivation, fieldwork)

● Advice on climate conditions and timing

● Harvesting, processing (cleaning, drying) and warehousing/storing

● Sowing seeds (varieties)

● Organic certification process and regulations (EU organic certification)

● Organic agriculture (general conditions, qualifications, requirements)

● Advice and analysis for obtaining agricultural permits and licenses

● Selection of suitable certified industrial hemp varieties for specific utilization

● Advice on harvest of CBD rich industrial hemp and timing of harvest

● Advice on drying CBD rich hemp and further processing

● Advice on CO2 extraction (parameters: temperature, pressure, volume)

Find out how Kona Blue Plantation can help you with legal compliance.