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To purchase or sell cannabis & hemp businesses or business opportunities

The benefits of searching Kona Blue Plantations for Off-Market Properties, either to sell or purchase a Cannabis / Hemp Dispensary, Lounge, Delivery, Manufacturing, Agriculture or Cultivation business. Kona Blue Plantations, when contacted by a potential buyer could show properties not yet on the market. We have a pipeline of Off-Market listings, as well as businesses listed for sale. Off-Market properties benefit both the buyer and seller.  

Before the buyer ever knows who the seller is, Kona Blue Plantations does complete background checks, including criminal, on potential buyers before showing the listing to any buyers. This assures us that we are taking unrealistic and underfunded buyers out of the equation. Consulting contracts are drawn up by our in-house attorneys before any information is shared. 

Kona Blue Plantations is a Consulting Firm for all Cannabis & Hemp Products. We are always here for our clients!

Kona Blue Plantations
Kona Blue Plantations

Properties For Sale

Before we list a property for sale, our in-house attorneys assure that all paper work involved is legal and up to date with the city and state involved. Our compliance officers go in to the facility to verify all claims made by the seller, we also get directly connected to their software system, so that we can make a fair and accurate appraisal of the business potential. We also verify that their average daily business is reflected in what they are reporting for sales figures. 

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  • Opportunities in California


    Reference #1001 Dispensary for $4 million in Riverside County

  • Opportunities in California

    Reference #1011 $2 million Lounge in Riverside County

  • Kona Blue Plantations

    Opportunities in Licensed Legal States

    Available upon request.

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