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Are you a business owner or investor looking to secure your piece of the $22 Billion Dollar cannabis and hemp opportunity? Don’t know where to start?

Kona Blue Plantations can help you. We are a cannabis and hemp consulting firm specializing in dispensaries, delivery, distribution, manufacturing, agriculture and cultivation of cannabis and hemp products.

Kona Blue Plantations is an informational site for current and future clients, offering legal information, insurance coverage, and off-market cannabis and hemp properties for sale. We provide advice direct to patients and medical professionals in your area, specifically doctors who prescribe cannabis and hemp related products.

Our team of highly-qualified professionals includes both medical and legal staff, carrying over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry, as specialists in their respective fields. Our mission is to help and educate everyone who is interested in being in business or utilizing cannabis and hemp.

Kona Blue Plantations

Experienced Cannabis Consultants

Today, the cannabis and hemp industries are expanding rapidly and going through numerous confusing and ever-changing regulations. Any business, city, county or state organization entering the cannabis and hemp market will need the help and guidance of an expert. Why not hire one of the premier cannabis and hemp consulting firms and see your business grow (the right way)?

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