Insurance Coverage for Your Cannabis Business

Each business sector has its own unique risks that need to be managed.

Whether you are a dispensary, cultivator, manufacturer, landlord, testing laboratory, physician or having a marijuana event we can provide bonds and insurance coverage for your businesses. We understand the cannabis and CBD risks and tailor a program specifically for your business.

A dispensary needs to protect themselves against burglary, vandalism, fire or theft. We can write general and product liability along with property coverage to lessen the risk.

Kona Blue Plantations
Kona Blue Plantations

Cultivators has multiple exposures. There is danger of fires, equipment breakdown and theft. We can provide living plant coverage, goods in process, product liability and business interruption coverage to reduce the cultivator’s exposure.

A testing facility needs general liability. However, testing laboratory services exposure have increased dramatically making professional liability essential.

Marijuana events have an array of necessary coverages from vendor and exhibitors attending the event to event cancellation insurance. Our event liability coverage will protect the promoters against an unforeseen event.

These are just a few examples of the unique coverages you need to run a marijuana business. We have a complete understanding of your risk and needs.

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